Simple Daily Habits Can Reduce the Chances of Damaging Your Braces

The braces that were installed in your mouth at Dr. Michael Jacobsen’s orthodontic clinic in Victorville, California, are an important part of the process of correcting the alignment of your teeth. This is done through routine adjustment sessions designed to apply progressive tension to your teeth. As time goes by, this will gradually change their position for a more appealing... read more »

Ceramic Braces Can Match Your Natural Tooth Enamel

Some people find that metal braces make them feel self-conscious about their appearance. One way to reduce this effect is to have your orthodontist, Dr. Michael Jacobsen, apply a ceramic glaze to the braces. Since it can be matched to your natural tooth enamel, the braces will be harder for the casual observer to notice. At the same time, this... read more »