Are You Looking for Invisalign® to Improve Your Smile?

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If you are looking for a discreet way to improve your smile, you are not alone. That is why thousands of people are now turning to Invisalign® more so than ever before. That is why our team here at Jacobsen & Maleeh Orthodontics in Victorville, California, is happy to talk to you about Invisalign and how it can work for you.

Invisalign is made of a series of aligners that are very thin and clear, which snap directly over your teeth. Invisalign is very had to be seen by others, which makes them ideal for teens and adults alike. The system is set up so all you need to do is switch out your aligner for another about every two weeks.

One of the most popular benefits of Invisalign is you are not on any food restrictions during treatment! Simply snap off your aligner and eat your favorite foods before snapping them back on. It is always best to brush and floss regularly to keep your teeth clean as you are going for treatment. This can also help keep them white as well.

If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign, or wonder if they are right for you, please call us today at 760-951-7752 to set up an appointment with Dr. Michael Jacobsen for a consultation. We are always happy to help you reach the smile of your dreams. So, call us today and take that first step in achieving your dream smile!