Make Sure to Care for Your Smile While Wearing Braces

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While you are wearing braces, make sure to take good care of your teeth and gums. It’s easy for plaque to build up around brackets, wires, and elastic bands in addition to oral surfaces. To prevent tooth decay and gum disease, make daily oral care a priority.

While it might be more challenging to clean oral surfaces while wearing braces, remember that keeping your smile healthy during this time will help keep your braces removal time on schedule.

This is because gums can become swollen and sore, and cavities can start while straightening your pearly whites. Poor oral hygiene can result in delaying your scheduled adjustments while you take care of dental treatments instead.

Another reason to stay on top of your daily oral care is that you want your teeth to look their best when your braces come off. If you allow plaque and bacteria to build up, stains can set into your tooth enamel. To avoid stains or permanent discoloration, brush and floss every day and keep all of your scheduled dental cleanings to keep you on track when your braces come off.

To protect tooth enamel from demineralization, use a fluoride toothpaste and remove oral debris from your brackets and wires as well as between the teeth. There are interdental brushes that can help you floss in braces. You can also access hard to reach areas with a mouthwash designed to reduce bacteria and fight gingivitis.

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