Orthodontics Can Fix Your Smile

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If you suffer from any sort of misalignment or malocclusion, your smile will suffer. Alignment issues within your jaw structure could be the root cause of all your oral health issues. The orthodontists at Jacobsen & Maleeh Orthodontics specialize in treating a wide variety of oral ailments to ensure your smile can grow to its full potential.

A great smile begins with the proper diagnosis. Here are just a few issues that may be plaguing your smile:

– Over-bites occur when the upper incisors stick out further than the lower front teeth.
– Under-bites occur when the lower incisors stick out further than the upper front teeth.
– Open-bites occur when the top and bottom incisors fail to line up when biting.
– Misplaced midlines occur when the center of your upper incisors fail to line up with the center of your lower front teeth.
– Closed-bites occur when the lower incisors bite into your upper front teeth. Closed bites are an extreme form of overbites.
– Cross-bites occur when your lower jaw protrudes past your upper jaw.
– Overcrowded teeth occur when the space between each tooth is absent, or there is overlap.
– Dental spacing issues occur when there is too much space between teeth.
– Bad bites occur from misaligned teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, and various tooth irregularities.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, please contact our orthodontists at Jacobsen & Maleeh Orthodontics. If you are interested in a professional exam for your various orthodontics treatment options with Dr. Michael Jacobsen, please visit our office located in Victorville, California or call us at 760-951-7752 to set up a meeting. We look forward to fixing your smile!