Losing a Primary Tooth Might Increase Your Child’s Chances of Needing Braces

The process of your child growing up typically includes their 20 primary teeth being replaced by the complement of 32 permanent teeth that will need to serve them throughout adulthood. Cavities in their early years that severely compromise a tooth or call for total extraction can alter the structure of their jaw as it develops. As this happens, it’s possible... read more »

Traditional Braces Can Correct Your Teeth to Prevent Certain Dental Problems and Provide You with an Appealing Smile

As strong as your natural tooth enamel is, the integrity of your teeth can still be threatened by alignment problems. Deviations in the alignment of your teeth can cause excess wear and tear on the tooth enamel layer of multiple teeth. This could cause dental attrition that could promote cavities, while also increasing your chances of suffering dental fractures. Fortunately,... read more »