The Role of Diet in Orthodontic Success

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If you want to have successful orthodontic treatment that lets you out of your braces as soon as possible, it’s important to follow any instructions provided by Dr. Michael Jacobsen during your treatment. We want to help you have successful results from wearing braces, and this can involve eating a diet that doesn’t risk your orthodontic appliance.

Maintaining a healthy diet goes beyond caring for your body to include maintaining the function and quality of your orthodontic appliance so that it continues to work toward a beautiful smile. If your diet is full of hard and crunchy foods, it could put your appliance at risk by increasing the likelihood of bent wires, loose and broken brackets and anything else that can stall your progress. Your smile can’t continue to improve if you have braces that are worn down or broken, which is why it’s important to eat a healthy diet that protects your braces rather than imposes on them.

Keeping your smile healthy by eating good food is also important for your orthodontic progress. If the foods you eat can damage your brace, they could also cause dental health issues such as cavities, tooth enamel loss and gum disease, complicating your braces treatment.

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