What Are the Most Common Bad Bites and Alignment Issues Your Smile Can Have?

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Most common bad bites and alignment issues within your mouth are caused directly by your teeth. However, if your jaw is out of alignment, this can cause a crossbite. Another name for bad bites is malocclusions, and many forms of malocclusions can affect your teeth and your oral health in a variety of ways.

Malocclusions typically are most prevalent in your front teeth, called your incisors. Depending on the type of bad bite you have, the resulting bad bites can produce different ailments within your mouth and smile. Common names for malocclusions with your incisors include misplaced midlines, underbites or bulldog teeth, overbites or protrusions or buck teeth, deep bites, and open bites.

Other forms of malocclusions refer to spacing issues between teeth, overcrowded teeth, large and irregular gaps between teeth, ailments with your jaw shape, ailments with teeth erupting in the wrong places in your gum line, and teeth that move out of their rotations and alignments. With most malocclusions, your best chance of successful treatment is an orthodontic aligner system.

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